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4th Sacrifice - Preparations

[Phone | Everyone}

Hello again.

It may be bad time with what Mayfield has done. But I wish for some help.

I am not much of baker, and wish to make large batch of cookies for upcoming holidays and winter solstice. Something for the children to get minds off of what has happened.

Anyone willing to help with this?

[Action | Around town]

[You can also catch him around town walking his dog.

There's a cigarette in his free hand and he stops to cough now and then from the exercise.

Mostly, he is exploring and trying to figure out his way around town.]

[Action | Main Street Barber Shop]

[There is a new employee who is not too happy with his position.

If you're his coworker, you might see him frowning at the tools of the trade as if doing so will make them reveal their secrets.

If you're a customer, you have an angry older man with a straight razor or scissors serving you.]

Hold still, I am tired of cleaning blood from floors and chair.

3rd Sacrifice - Exploring [Event!]

A) [Action | Ricardo Street]

Waking up to a ruined home, a ruined street and probably a ruined town, Czernobog does not seem all that frightened. He is confused, though.

He's found a large, blunt piece of wood in the wreckage. He can be found exploring his street first.]

B) [Action | Around Town]

[The older man is carrying a stick and looking through the wreckage.

He waves to people he sees.]

You look good for living in blast radius.
[Phone | Everyone]

You all warn this is trap, but there is good reason to voice thanks.

I have not been here long, I have little to be thankful for here. Still, I did miss when you could still find non filtered cigarettes.

Also, turkey seems fine. Though I may stick to things I bought for now.

1st Sacrifice [IC Intro!]

503 Ricardo Street | Waking Up To DronesCollapse )

[Phone | Accidentally to the whole town.]


This is Czernobog. I am calling for Mr. Nancy.

It is old friend of his.

[Action | Around town]

[An older man, looking a bit agitated and concerned would walk through town.

He's not approaching anyone, but anyone who comes to near would get a distracted wave.]

Yes, yes, hello.

[Action | Mayfield General Store]

[The troubled, older man is now at the register.]

Yes, I want pack of Camels.

[Muttered mostly to himself.]

I fondly remember time when they were this cheap.